/Laughs/ That;s not what I was thinking but maybe! Although, I think your brothers would know when they’re being talked bad about in Dutch, it’s not too hard to tell! Unless they don’t understand any other language. /Smiles back. nodding his head/ Yep!

/Blinks, but only after to chuckle a bit at her excitement/ I can help with that then! I got a pug, she’s used to big animals. She’s also a bit spoiled but that doesn’t matter! I think Bullseye will get along with them! /Smiles back, giving her a thumbs up/ I think it will be too, Gwen!

*snorts* They probably wouldn’t. They can be a little dull sometimes. Or maybe they’re just ignoring me. It wouldn’t surprise me. They’ve done it sometimes.

A pug? *practically bounces up and down* You have a pug?! Can I see her?! Oh, she must be absolutely wonderful! *grabs his hand* Can I? I’m sure Bullseye will get along with them… but can I meet her first? Just to be sure, of course~.

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[Stays remarkably quiet, still pouting as he watches her talk to Tim about the egg shells - which, honestly, were high in calcium, so they might actually be good for his little brother. Maybe. Not that he’d say anything about that, of course. To Gwen, at least.]

[Pouts. He distinctly remembers Bob saying it was totally okay to leave the shells in on account of them being high in calcium and that they might be good for him, but he resists. He’s not going to say anything about that, of course. To Big Sis, at least.]

Yes, ma’am.

*looks between them, frowning slightly* Well, let’s get to work! What kind of cake did you guys want to make for Meryl? *smiles and winks Tim* Can I trust you to lick the spoons when we’re done with them?


Well, then a maybe you should bring the tissues.

It won’t be a bother! I don’t speak it often anymore since I’m not back in the Netherlands, but when I do it’s fun! Learning a new language is super fun! Even if it’s just to ask where the bathroom is or the beer! /Grins back/ No problem!

/Beams/ Of course! I wanna meet your horses! They gotta be beautiful. I can only imagine what kind of horses they are! /Laughs, nodding his head/ If you bring your horses, I’ll bring my dogs. They’d get along, they both grew up around big animals! Like these horses! They’re so relax, and amazing, and beautiful!

I plan to.

*pouts, thinking it over* Hm… Well, I’ll take your offer one day! I’m sure I can impress a few of my friends. Maybe trash talk my brothers when they aren’t looking. *grins and laughs* Oh yeah, that sounds great.

*beams even more, practically running over to him* Really?! I would love that. Napoleon is use to small animals, but I don’t know how Bullseye would do. I’m sure he’ll be ok if me and Napoleon are. *smiles* I’m sure this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Rod~.

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That’s too bad. [Raises his eyebrows.Must make getting around to other places a whole day affair— or longer.

Sounds interesting. And really kind of you too. [Glances up at a cloud.] Can’t say I’ve seen many stray dogs in this area. But Georgia’s dad across the way there, [Nods his chin straight across from his small ranch.] owns a pet store and horses too. 

it really does, but we get by. It’s hard, but, eh. We’re too stubborn to leave a place we were born and raised in.

Well, I can’t just let them starve. I’d rather not see any malnourished animals if I can help it… *looks over across the way, spotting the horses* This isn’t the first place I’ve seen where the cows, sheeps, and horses are separated. Is there a reason for it?

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… ? [Waits as the woman looks at her animals, before nodding her head at her response] Sure thing!  Follow me~.

[Steps up onto the fence before swinging a leg to climb over it, grinning at the stranger once she is on the other side]  The gate is all the way over there.  It’s easier this way. ♥

Thank you.

*makes no other sound as she grips the fence and swings herself over it in one go* I don’t mind. I’d rather not prolong seeing some animals. Makes me anxious, I guess.

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Animals Are So Sweet [Gwen&Meryl]


[Nods a little relieved]…Ah..! I was…worried…un poqutio…[She motioned with her fingers, showing a tiny space]

[Nervously gives a brief smile to  the horse, waving from where she’s sitting]…🎵

[Blushes from the compliment, looking down, not sure how to accept it. Finally manages to mutter]

Thank you Aunt Gwen…

Don’t be. Animals are very forgiving. I hope you’ll remember that, Meryl.

*smiles at Meryl’s interaction with Napoleon who shook his head in response*

… *stares at Meryl, blinks once, before smiling slowly* You’re welcome, honey~. *finishes her drink then stretches out* Maybe it’s time for me to head back. Napoleon will probably have to get into the stables soon before he gets cranky with me.


Ahh, it’s sad? Then I better bring some tissues! I think I will too. Got a sot spot for those kinds of movies.

Well, then, I can teach you Dutch! Call it a little lesson! Just ask me whatever you want me to know and I’ll tell you! /Nods his head with her/ You’re like an animal genius. Amazing.

It would be! Two animal lovers, not getting along! You should met Neil one day. I don’t know where he is but he runs the livestock stall. He likes animals, even though he’s kinda blunt. /Grins/ I wouldn’t either! They all seem to be taken a liking to you! 

Good. I eagerly await seeing you cry over it~.

Oh, uh, no, that’s ok. I mean, it would be cool to learn… but I wouldn’t want to bother you in any way. *grins, happy having her ego stroked* Why thank you~.

Neil, huh? Maybe one day. Right now, I’d rather focus on you. I mean, I can show you Bullseye and Napoleon one day. You’ll love them! They’re absolutely perfect in every way~. *smiles, nuzzling one of the horses* I’m glad they do~.

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… ? [Tilts her head as she notices that the stranger seems to suddenly feel uncomfortable, but she quickly brushes it off] O-Oh well alright then!  Who would you like to see first… ? ♥

*looks over at the pasture, biting her lip at all the animals* Um… the horses first, please.

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[ / rubs the rest of his mud-filled clothes onto her with a bit more force needed— grinning and laughing as he does ] IS THIS REALLY HOW YOU TREAT YOUR COUSIN AFTER NOT SEEING HIM IN LIKE, UH, YEARS? SURE, LET’S GO WITH THAT. 

[ / doesn’t let go but does stop sharing the mud ] Yikes, Gwen. I ain’t a horse either, ya sure you’ve been okay?


*opens her mouth to say something before closing it, realizing she didn’t have to speak in tongues anymore* Uh, nothing. Don’t worry about it. Can you let me go, now?

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If you could change anything, doesn't have to be something that happened to you, what would you change?


The probable faith of Sugarleaf Valley? … I admit, I’m running out of confidence myself that this place can be saved….