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So with the current 30 day challenge for your character development thing going on, Phillip asked about Gwen’s ponysona. And, since I already did the challenge, I obliged. … Because I am a pony nerd. HI AND I AM SORRY.

Wait, ahem:

While Gwen works part time at her grandfather’s carpentry shop, but really she’s a top-notch racer for Earth ponies and their races! Caring for little animals is her hobby.

Will you shut the fuck up? We’re trying to watch TV.

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Before I do anymore replies of Life, do I owe anyone on him? I’m sure I’m missing some people and I’m sorry.

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Heh -- [Walks over to where the voice was coming from, leaning against the closet wall.] I'm just here as a customer ♪. You're Gwen right? We've met before - at least your face rings a bell. [Pauses.] ? [Laughs lightly.] Do you need some help with all those blueprints?

*Raises an eyebrow at him, looking him up and down* Yeah, your face doesn’t ring a bell for me at all. *Looks from him to the blueprints and sighs* Yeah. It looks like I need some help. Do you mind?

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Animals Are So Sweet [Gwen&Meryl]


…It’s just that animals still…scare me a little…

[Blushing at the compliment she ran her hands through her hair]…De nada, pero ah - um, thank you but well…I don’t make anything…I just pick the fruit…Uncle Ronald and Dan work on the drinks…Mostly Uncle Ronald…

Hmmm… Well, I don’t expect you to get over your fear of them over night. It’ll certainly take some time for you to do so. I’m sure that Napoleon isn’t offended or hurt. *Smiles at her horse* Right? *Napoleon whinnies, continuing his sniffing of the entryway*

*Chuckles* Well, you picked the best fruit. I will tell you that~. Good job, honey.

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If you guys want Gwen or to send me stuff, tell me! I gotta go to work and tell them that I’m covering for a co-worker tomorrow. I’ll be back in a few minutes!

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….. Hey… I should be the one with the whip….

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Sky Treasure [Gwen/Tim]


Really?! [Looks up at her from the ground, eyes wide in shock.] No fooling? Okay! No take-backs, though!

[Jumps to his feet, ignoring how dirty he is, and immediately starts digging through his pack.] I got marbles and jacks and I got— oh, hold on, this is mine. [Pops the piece of taffy in his mouth, chewing it while he keeps looking.] Sorry, I only had one. An’ I got— a flashlight and a shovel in case you wanna go mining and I got a piece of bread I was gonna feed to the ducks out on the lake and also a tennis ball, but I don’t have rackets so we can’t play tennis, but we could play something else probably? Also I got some rope and a spade I borrowed from Bob’s tools but don’t tell him and also I got the dice from I think Yahtzee maybe.

[Looks up, beaming.] Whatcha wanna play?

*silently curses herself at the no take-backs rule*

W-what? *stares as he brings out piece after piece of what was in his bag, wondering just how he fit all that in his small little bag* Uh… Ok, well, what can we play…. thatwillcausetheleastamountofdamage… Well, we can go and feed the ducks! Doesn’t that sound like fun?