That would be a good idea! There’s some farmers here in Echo, but I haven’t seen them. So, maybe if we can find some that are free! /Chuckles/ And if I do, you’re going to drag me out aren’t you! /Despite that not being a question, he’s still laughing/

That’s a good idea… I mean, I’m always moving around looking for farmers with horses, so what’s the worse that could happen? *smiles* Yeah, I’ll ask them~. *grins* Of course! Why, it would be unfair of me if I just left without ya!

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I like to think I did. I’m not the best with animals, so I just assume I did the best I could! /Nods/ I didn’t want him to go to a different farm, I think he’s older so I want him to be relaxed and have a care free life.

If you can get him over here, you do whatever you want! Romeo is a bit feisty, not so much a temper more than an attitude problem. Hmm…? /Turns her head and shakes it/ No, not at all! Romeo actually loves sugar cubes! It’s how I got him to tolerate me at first..! /The horse notices the sugar cube and inches up closer to the fence. Minori smiles and starts to sweetly talk to him/ See, Romeo? Nothing to be afraid of! She’s just gonna give you a treat~

Then that’s enough. You may not think you did, but it’s the horse who decides if you did or not. If he’s not causing too much problems with others, then you did good.

Wonderful. Honestly, if he doesn’t warm up enough for me to move my hands on him, can you hold him while I do? *smiles at the horse, holding her hand out a little further* There’s more where that’s from, too~. I always keep a couple of treats for handsome looking horses.

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Overdue } - Eve/Gwen


[Chuckles, nodding in agreement with her. ] Mothers do love to talk, don’t they? ♥ [Giggles as she pretends to think it over, holding a hand lightly to her lips as she does so.] You flatter me. ♥ Such a pretty woman making some time for me. ~ 

I’ve been well - same old same old really. [Shrugs her shoulders lightly, nothing of extreme interest has happened, the town was relatively docile. ] Carl opened his own cafe, hm? ♥ I’m going to miss working with him… How have you been though?

They do, but sometimes, I wish my mom would be calm about me. I mean, it’s not like I’m not in good hands. *laughs, tilting her head back* And you say I’m flattering you? You’re the real flatter here!

*nods her head* He has. I’m sure you will, but I’m sure even more you can go and visit him. I mean, his stuff has gotta be good. *shrugs* I’ve been doing good. Nothing big has been happening, yet.

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It’s a joke. /Rolls her eyes/

Probably was the previous owner. I don’t really know what went on with them, I was given him. He’s gotten a bit nicer, he still doesn’t like that many people. /Stares at Gwen/ Yeah. After the fashion statement, I usually call her Loli though. Why?

Hmm, you should be! Romeo is a beauty! /Minori comes to a stop they get to an enclosed field. Calls the horse over, who looks by and hesitates/ Romeo! Someone wants to meet you! /The horse walks over, taking a step towards the two before neighing and moving back/ I did tell you he doesn’t seem to like new people, right?


Hm… Well, I suppose it’s a good thing you don’t know. At least you were able to change him. That’s always good. *smiles* I like it when I hear of a horse changing their ways. Most times, not everyone is successful, and they get pawned off again, making it worse. *shrugs* Just curious.

*stares at the horse, biting her lip as she watched him* It’s fine. I’m alright with just seeing him. Although, truthfully, I would like to get my hands on him. Just so I can feel his muscles and check them out personally. I can do without for now. *reaches into her vest pocket, pulling out a sugarcube* Do you mind if I try giving him one?


It totally would! I’d love to see it actually happen! /Grins/ Well, maybe we could do both? One day a horse race, the next day a beauty contest! Be kind of cool to see it! /Chuckles/ I’d like to see one, tell me if any comes by, Gwen!

*stares up at the sky, sighing dreamily* Oh, that would be great… Maybe we should start asking other farmers what they think about it. They might like it. *Grins* I’ll be sure to tell you. I’ll even get us the tickets. Cause there’s no way you’re going without me, ha ha!

Tall Grass & Cowgirl Boots [Kathy/Gwen]


  The blond simply leaned over the other, her ponytail falling over her shoulder as he head tilted. “Well my town’s pretty darn small— but I’ve got a feeling it’s the latter.” Both hands fell onto her hips, breathing in a deep sigh through her nose before evidently giving in and sitting down beside the other.

  “So …” Her nose then wrinkled as she thought of what else to say for conversation— though she then contemplated on if it was even necessary. “Er— Do you do this often then?”

  The barmaid remained propped up on her arms, lip turned upward in a bit of a pout. Kathy thought over her situation for a moment, before she soon relaxed back enough to rest her head against the grass— and well, she had to admit it was pretty relaxing actually. There was a brief blink in surprise, before she momentarily rested further into the grass blanket beneath her.

Gwen opened her eyes, looked at the other blonde for a brief moment, then closed them again. “That’s a shame. I mean, this place is pretty small, too, but I do it without a problem.” There was a bit of shuffling next to her, but she paid no mind to it. Although her instincts told her to open her eyes and watch what was happened, she willed herself to remain in her tranquil state.

"I try to. I don’t get many free days, unfortunately. When I do, though, I either start riding or just sit here and enjoy the piece." Or at least, while it lasts. But she decided to keep that last bit to herself. Just because she was in a tranquil state of mind didn’t mean she was going to tell everything to this girl.

Opening her eyes again, she smirked at her companion. “Well? Do you like it?”

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Got Milk? [Vaughn/Gwen]

It had been a long time since she saw the little cow. It probably wasn’t so little now. It was most likely a big cow producing a lot of milk! Oh, she wondered how it would taste. Stopping herself before her mouth watered, Gwen ran off the plank leading to the boat and through the beach. It wasn’t hard to find the animal shop, and she let herself in without a word.

Gwen froze, finding no one there. She rubbed the back of her neck, feeling uncomfortable now. “Anybody home?” she shouted, sitting down at the counter. There was no sense in walking around looking for someone. If no one answered in a couple of minutes, she told herself she would run out and try again another day.

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When did you last say something and automatically regret it?


I have. Sometimes it was to Kurt and Joe, something that I shouldn’t have said even when I was angry. … I was just a kid then, though. I wouldn’t have made that mistake when I was older, of course.

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Soul Searching Sunday

Yes please on all my babies. It’s so rare that I get a chance to be part of these things…. ;w;