Gwen and Chelsea~


Ah, I gotcha. I do have my fair share of travels as well so I can relate. *Gives her hand a squeeze before pulling back and using it to gesture to her barn.* Well then, come on right up! They’d be delighted to see you, they love new faces~ *Pauses, speaking in a lower tone and looking back to make sure her animals are out of ear-shot.* My little chick pepper isn’t that used to strangers though, so try to steer clear of her, ‘aight?

*Smiles, looking over at the animals some more* Thank you. I appreciate it. Hm? *smirks* I’ll be fine. I’ve handled rough chickens. I will stay away, though. *Crossing her arms, she looked around the farm* You have some water here? I’d hate for them to be overheated and dehydrated.



[Nods] I do! I replace the water every morning and every mid-noon, so the water stays cool and fresh.

That’s good. I’m glad that you’re doing that. Shows that you really care about them.

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I have a few choices. I can either go and redo the 30 Day Challenge on Gwen after I’m done with Iris. Or say screw it and just roleplay.



  [Wears the grin on his lips at her introduction, before placing his hand back into his jacket pocket.] That’s not a problem! Glad I came at the right time to help you out ♪.

  [Leans on the counter and rests his chin against his palm.] Sounds good to me, it’s nice you guys have choices. [Gaze returns to her face as she speaks, before laughing gingerly and nodding.]

  I figured as such! Though I’ve only heard estimates from people who have them already - and not one price is really ever the same. [Raises a brow.] So let’s not beat around the bush — What’s this gonna cost me ♪?

Well, that makes two of us/

We want our customers to be satisfied with what they’re buying. You wouldn’t want to pay for something and didn’t like how it looked, right? Yeah, we don’t do that.

*thinks, grabbing her calculator and putting in all the costs* With the cost of lumber…. 55,000G. Without it, 45,000G. Can you manage that?




Observing~? [A small, curious smile eases onto the woman’s features] Ah! How do they look? They get a bit overheated in this weather… 

Hm… Do you have a trough out here full of water for them?


If you break a bone, you’re the one taking him to the doctor’s here. By the way, the guy wears boxers instead of pants.

…….. I’ll take my chances.


Well, if you change your mind or need anything, it’s always here! /Smiles and nods at her, before turning his back and walking away/ Of course! Here, follow me over to here. I kinda have to keep them a bit away from the little animals because some get scared and others want to play and- /Stops in front of a larger pen, smiles at her/ Here you are! Thinking about getting a horse?

I’ll think about it. It’s tempting… but my family already has a dog. *nods, following him diligently* I understand. At least you’re doing the right thing. I’m impressed. *Smiles as she looks at the horses, crossing her arms* Quite impressed, indeed. I’m not looking about getting one. I own two and I like to see how others take care of theirs. You know, if they’re taking good care of them.

Gwen and Chelsea~


*Blinks, nodding* I might have! *Taps her forehead with the palm of her head a few times.* Gosh my memory has gotten really bad. *Laughs, shaking her head.*

I’m Chelsea, it’s great to meet you Gwen! *Extends a hand toward her.* I thought I’d seen you around the islands before, but since we get a lot of visitors I might have thought you were someone else. *Grins.* So, what brings you to my farm~?

Eh, you’re not alone. I seem to forget a lot about other people too, apparently. Try not to take it personally or beat yourself up about it.

*Takes her hand and firmly shakes it* Nice to meet you too. *Thinks for a moment* Hm… Hey, it’s possible. I travel a lot from time to time, just some places slip my mind. *Looks over at the animals* I came to check out how your farm animals are doing. It’s pretty hot here, so I would like to see that they have enough water.

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You Only Talk To Me For My Hoers || Gwen & Molly


[Tilts her head] Oh? Another race competition? That’s good to know. I was wondering if there would be another one with in the year or if it was more of an annual thing…

[Nods her head in the direction of her fenced in field of grass] He’s in the field playing with his ball. 

It happens every season but winter. Horses shouldn’t be running or doing much at that time due to their joints. They’re more prone to injury.

*smiles, happily moving towards the field* Too busy to come with?

♫ あなたは私を理解ですか? ♫


Amanda formed an ‘O’ with her mouth before nodding. Lots of people learned Japanese for anime or so she heard. That’s some dedication in her eyes. She’d just be lazy and read the subs if she were in their position.

Ah. I didn’t think anime would drive people to learn Japanese itself, but hey. If that’s what they like…” Amanda said. “It wouldn’t be right for me to judge them. Didn’t know them anyways.”

"Neither did I, but it does. Strange, but oh well." Gwen smiled. "I guess, but if you wanna judge them, be my guest. I wasn’t friends with them exactly, anyway. They were just kids in my class."

Clearing her throat after realizing that she’s suppose to be working, she grins down at Amanda. “Well, what will you have today? Something exotic? Fun~? Ha ha.”