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Work?  [Turns to look at Gwen for a moment with a raised eyebrow] Why would… ?  [Shakes her head and sighs, simply wishing to dismiss the topic at this point]  Forget it.

*raises an eyebrow at her in turn* Look, if you want me to answer questons, I will? I mean… I’m not saying this is dramatic but… it’s a bit much. *shrugs* Well, alright then. See ya around.

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Overdue } - Eve/Gwen


[Only realizes the woman was on the phone after she hears the last few sentences.] Oh! I didn’t interrupt anything did I? [Tilts her head and bats her lashes as she registers the compliment.] Well this - [Giggles slightly before continuing.] bar beauty — came to visit an old friend. [A small genuine smile crosses her lips.] Is that alright? ♥ You seem to be working hard between the two towns … I hope you have some time for me. ♥

*shakes her head* No. I’ve been trying to get off the phone with my mother for an hour. I hate having it to my ear like that. *smiles* Well, I’m glad you can visit! As for time…. *pretends to think, pouting for a while before smiling* Sure. I can make some time for you~. So, how’ve you been?

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/Blinks/ Oh, Hi. I’m Minori, beauty extraordinaire but now a farmer. 

/Smiles at Gwen, hugely/ Oh, you’re an expert! Good because Romeo has issues and he was kinda handed off to me by a few people. He’s a sweet horse, he’s just doesn’t like most people! Although, Lolita is probably hanging around him today… I let her out this morning so she’s probably in the stall.

/Starts walking away, waving her hand/ You can follow me so you can see Romeo~!

*raises an eyebrow at her* Beauty extraordinaire… right…

Hm… that happens to a lot of horses, really. Sometimes it’s the owner. The owner probably didn’t like a lot of people either and it rubbed off on the horse. Animals take after their owners. It’s quite possible. … You named your cat Lolita….?

… *follows her, crossing her arms* Well, I’ll be glad to see them.

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Something In Common [Gwen and Lyla]


It was an very, very quiet day in Flowerbud Village. 

The changing seasons had driven many people into their houses for chores, a tradition that the newcomer had yet to experience. She had only been in town four months, and she had yet to even learn everyone’s name.

Due to her shop being tucked away in the back corner of the charming valley, barely anyone stopped by that wasn’t a customer. And she barely had any customers.

So the young woman decided to talk a walk in the town square that particular day. She ran her hands over the brick border with a small smile. Surely someone would come by.

"Come on!"

The blue roran breathed heavily as she directed him through the valley. Pent up frustration from the events after the animal hunting festival was still fresh. She joined it for fun. Who the hell did Jamie think she was? Maybe if the farmer stopped attacking people after every festival, she wouldn’t have more people hating her. But would she stop? Probably not. And after her argument with her grandfather a few nights prior, she was forbidden to interact much with Jamie.

In theory, it was a good idea, however, she wanted nothing more than to punch her. Again.

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… ? [Finally glances away from the woman, shrugging once more and sighing]  Fine, just… stay… away from him…

…….. Excuse me…? *stares at her, her eyes narrowed not in suspicion, but in “what the heck”* …. Is there something else going on here…? Something else I did wrong? Cause I can’t stay away from him. I have to work with the guy.

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Whatever You Do, Do Not Look Down || Gwen and Frey


"Interesting?" Frey echoed, frowning. She wished that she could feel the same way, but alas, the festival left her with more of a hair-raising feeling than anything else. "Hm… what other festivals d-do people from here deem as interesting…?

Curling her hands into fists, she closed her eyes again and took a few shaky breaths. The thought of Selphia brought on a yearning sensation, and she wished that she was back at home right now. But, no, she had to bear this, at least for a few more moments. It was for the sake of her town that she forced herself to ride so high up in the air; a princess with no knowledge of the cultures of other towns was incapable — a disappointment.

"Well we have… an airs-ship of some sort… I’ve ridden on that a few times. But we don’t have any "hot air balloons," or any festivals involving going high up into the air… A-although, awhile back someone had tried to get a skydiving festival approved… It didn’t work out in the end."

Gwen shrugged. She didn’t think her opinion on festivals mattered much. Sure, some of them made her participate, but others, she preferred to watch instead. Unless it was an animal festival or the races, Gwen didn’t may much attention to them. Her opinion would be one sided. This much she knew. “Sometimes we hold horse races and animal festivals. You know, to be judged. Sometimes we do crop and cooking judging festivals. I’m pretty good at the cooking one~.”

Oh man, how did she end up with someone like this? If Frey was afraid, Gwen would understand… what she doubted was her ability to comfort a stranger. Who could expect her to do that? She felt bad that she couldn’t help her more. What good was she at the moment?

"Airships? Hm…. It seems kinda like a hot air balloon, though. I mean…. kinda, anyway." What could the different be, though? It didn’t seem like much. Gwen grinned at her. "That sounds cool, though! Too bad it was denied."

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[Stays silent, continuing to stare at the woman with an unimpressed expression] … [Shrugs]

… Well, ok then… I guess I’ll be going, then. See ya around. *stares at* …. Ok, bye.

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  ? [Perks up before laughing rather gingerly.] Don’t like the man Dan do you? Heh, he seems like an alright guy I suppose— [Stares at her a bit wearily, expecting her to hit him another time with the arrow, before he relaxed quite a moment later.]
  He enjoys gawking at girls— that’s all I really know about him. Entertaining guy none the less.

*snorts* He’s an abomination. Why he still lives in a village I reside in is beyond me. That’s why I don’t go there much. *shrugs* That’s pretty much all he does. And works occasionally, I suppose. … Mostly girl gawking is his occupation; work is his hobby.

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I… believe so.

[Crosses her arms and lets out a deep sigh] … 

…. Did I… do something wrong…?

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!! !! [Jolts, before moving away from her and dodging her hits.] Watch it cheater, you’re not going to get anymore points off me— Sucks, cause it looks like you sure would need them too ♪.
No, but it’s still fun. My brothers didn’t enter, so I have to hit someone. I already touched that Dan character with my foot. Gonna need my foot and maybe my leg amputated.
……………. [Continues to glare]
…. Ah… Haven’t we… met before?