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Prompt: Gwen x Dylas


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GwenxJack, because the world must implode at the very thought of romance between those two.

She was going to hit him.

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You know, I’m pretty sure you said that earlier, but yes it is! a beautiful friendship indeed! /Tilts his head/ Okay, heard of a jumper but not a dressage? Explain, please? /Grins back/ I’ll cheer you on, don’t worry! I’ll cheer you on at every race!

…. Did I…? Welp, it doesn’t hurt to say it again! *smiles* Dressage is basically like horse ballet. You know, ballet but with horses? It’s pretty fun! You know, doing elegant and beautiful moves~. Good! I’m glad to heat that~.

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How do you feel about prostitutes, also known as HOERS?


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If you were stuck on a deserted island with one other person, who would you want to be with?


Joe. Cause he can fish. I’ll never be hungry.

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Have you always rode the same horse? Is there any horse that ever gave you problems?


Nah. I took some lessons from someone else before the Starlings took me under their wing. But it was a beautiful mare called Seabreeze. Beautiful mare, really hindered me, though. She was pretty um-tameable. At least, she was under my hands. She would try to buck me off, wouldn’t let me tack her up. I miss her sometimes, but mostly, I’m glad that I have Napoleon and Bullseye.


I have! Super cute. All baby animals are. Goddess, I just love animals so much! /Shakes his head/ Not a runner- Oh you meant if I was gonna be racing with a horse? Nope to that either! I think I’ll just go for the fun but I’m not so much a rider than you probably all! But, I’ll be cheering you on a lot!

Aren’t they?! I swear, I’m sure this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship~. *shrugs then laughs* Well, that’s ok! Napoleon was trained to be a dressage and jumper horse, but there was something about running that he loved. After one race, i loved it, too! *grins* I’m always glad to have more cheerleaders to give me confidence~.

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[ / pouts, nodding in agreement Cause we haven’t, silly! How can we call each other family when we barely see each other and do anything fun, boo! That’s not good at all!


[ / at the mention of bullying, he frowns and punches her in the arm Hey, hey hey!!! THAT’S NOT COOL … I’m older than you! [ / huffs, puffing out his chest, hands at his hips, attempting to make a statement Ya need to respect me, y’know?! And I ain’t feeling that respect, Gwenners’. 

[ / then pauses suddenly, in thought… Ah! How bout we swim and make ourselves a lil competition! We haven’t done something like that in a while!!

Right? We might as well be strangers. *Bites her lips, keeping herself from saying lyrics to fit the situation*

*grimaces, rubbing her arm* You shit stain! *huffs, poking at his chest, her hand still on her arm* Listen, Mister. I’ll respect you when hell freezes over! I’m stronger than you anyway!

*raises an eyebrow* Swimming? … I… I guess we haven’t. Hmmm… I don’t know.

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Do I owe anyone on Gwen?!