Just bruise his stomach or something. Maybe kick him in the legs? I don’t know much about injuries and stuff, but yeah no apparent evidence.

Really? Man, your better than I am. It’s pretty amazing. /Pauses a moment, scrunching her nose a little/ Do you know a carpenter named… Oh shit, what was his name again… Oh yeah- Joe?

Eh, I know about a few of them. I’ve been the center of them occasionally.

Thanks. Keep learning and you’ll learn on your own, too. *Stares at her, her hand faltering in her work* Yeah….. Why?

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"What do I want?" Goodness, Gwen. [Adjusts his glasses, peering over them at her sternly. He grins just the same to show he knows she's joking.] Is that any way to greet a friend? [Chuckles.] Actually, not Katie this time, believe it or not. I heard it straight from the source, hmhm. Met the fellow on one of my excursions to Flowerbud recently. Think you'll need any help with electrical?

*Huffs, placing her hands on her hips* I think it’s perfectly fine! After all, I wouldn’t want to put my guard down to be part of a human experiment, no~? *Raises an eyebrow at him, pouting slightly* The source, huh? Well, he can tell anyone, after all. Actually, about the electrical… that would be great. The last time I did it, it got messed up and let’s just say I was shocking people for a while.

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[shrugs] I dunno… we didn’t win, though.

So? You guys still did good. What? You think grandpa or my parents or anyone who knows me isn’t proud of me for not winning a race? Puh-lease! They all know I do my best and that’s all that matters.

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[scratches his head] Yeah, alright… [looks up at her from his crouch] Really?

*stares at him* Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?

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Naked Hoers Ride


[Shrugs her shoulders] In some eyes, yes it could be a good thing. But my worry is that he will start writing checks his body can’t cash. When he and I were living in the Toscana countryside for a few months, I had originally had him staying with a few other hoerses but uh-well that is how i found that he does not do well with others. Well, those his age; he tends to do okay with old man hoerses. [Shrugs again, before scratching the side of her face] Oh? I haven’t thought about that…

Ah… That’s not… entirely too good. I’m not trying to wish ill upon you but if something were to happen to you, this horse might be screwed. Some trouble horses go from stable to stable and so on until everyone has had enough. … It’s sad but… a lot of them get a one way trip to the slaughterhouse because no one wants to deal with them… I’m not saying it will happen, but it’s a possibility. Whether you prepare for it or not is up to you. I’m just giving you advice.

Dressage is pretty simple. It can be hard, though, if you’re not prepared. I had to train for a long time until I was able to enter a dressage event.

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Ain’t they? *shakes her head with a laugh as Gwen gives them exactly what they wanted* Aw man, I was tryin’ not to spoil ‘em anymore than I already do- they ain’t near as mature as Nutmeg and Berry were at the same age- shoo, you guys. Gwen’s here on important business!

*looks at the other woman with a smirk* Like what ya see?

I can’t help it~. When I see little filly’s just prancing for affection, I have to give it. I gave it all the time to Bullseye and Napoleon. Filly’s hardly ever mature. Seeing them grow up would be interesting. Hopefully they’ll get themselves out of that habit~. *Places her hands on her hips, nodding at the horses* Indeed I do~. If there’s one way to my heart, it’s a farm full of horses~.

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What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever had to wear?


I’m not entirely too fond of dresses. I once had to wear a really girly one a year or so ago. *shudders* It was pretty bad. Short skirt that was too short for my liking. And don’t get me started on the shirt.

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What do you wear to bed?


A tanktop and underwear. Maybe shorts.

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How big are yer bewbz?


Big enough.