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Ok, let me get this out of the way. I should really get this to start posting daily but… ha ha… Anyway, if I have a balloon festival rp with you but haven’t gotten around to it, please tell me if you’re still interested! I would really like to continue it but if you guys aren’t up for it, it’s all good!

Replies Owe: Rod & Kathy on Gwen. None on Kurt. Mistel, Nami & Vishnal on Iris. Cadance, Frey & Pete on Life.

Replies Waiting on: Luke, Meryl (?), Renee, Bob&Tim (?) on Gwen. None on Kurt. Klaus on Iris. Ann on Life.


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[ / tilts his head, still not really understanding her ]

…You spoke in horse puns for 24 hours…? Wow Gwen, to think there are that many horse puns in the world… That’s actually pretty cool even for you! [ / despite flat tone, is actually impressed yet also confused. Did Gwen really like horses….that… much… what if Gwen was… becoming the horse…? ]


*tosses her hair over her shoulder* Of course there is. Jeez. If you paid more attention to your cousin, you would know. *stares at him* … What’s… that look for…? Are you thinking of something ridiculous again?


/Shrugs/ I mean, I got my childhood best friend but I don’t know if having a brother is the same as that…?

I have too but Manon’s just stubborn. When he was a puppy, she wouldn’t let him into his bed and would take his toys. They’re better now. /Laughs/ Not too sure? I’m not a horse expert but can horses be mixed breeds like dogs and some cats…? You would think so. But dang, that’s cool! He’s gotta be soooo beautiful! You got a picture?

Hm… Maybe? I don’t know how you two act, though.

Oh gosh, really?! That sounds absolutely adorable, though. I would have died laughing if I saw it. *nods her head* They can. I just haven’t put the effort of finding out yet. He is a blue roan, though. *Smiles, pulling her phone out from her shirt and quickly looking through the pictures* This one is Napoleon and… *slides to the next picture* This is Bullseye.

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Tall Grass & Cowgirl Boots [Kathy/Gwen]

With a stretch, she fell back into the grass.

This was what life was meant to be for. It was her day off today and she wanted only to relax. The minute she could leave the shop, she ran for the pasture. The smell of horses was strong in the air, but Goddess she loved it. She strode into the deep part of the grass and went wild. Horses and chickens would come to pay attention to her and then move on with their grazing. Napoleon was the only horse that remained close. What a loyal horse.

Gwen felt so many things laying here, but there was one she felt the most:


She felt free from her obligations and the valley. It was amazing. She could fall asleep here and never return to her duties.

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Ok, I’ll let you guys know before my personal. I have a pet chinchilla named Cleopatra now.



Actually, yes.

Yes you do.

… Shut up.


… Did you seriously forget where the client lives, Gwen?


Shut up! I don’t tell you how to do your job, do I?!


/Smiles happily/ Isn’t that what having a brother or sister is about? Jokes and all? I’m not too sure myself, I’m an only child. But hey, i know having brothers gotta help with some things!

/Nods his head/ They are! It’s weird how much they get along, I’ve heard of small and big dogs not getting along too well but these two are joined at the hip! It’s kinda annoying? /Puts his phone back in his pocket/ You never told me about Bullseye and Napoleon, right? So, what are they like? What kind of horses? Paint? Clydesdale? Pinto? Another breed that I can’t remember off the top of my head?

*tilts her head to the side* You don’t have anyone who’s like a brother or something to you? Like… no one at all?

Really? A lot of times, I’ve seen both size dogs get along! It’s like… a parent with their child. It’s wonderful to see. *backs up from him, the conversation back on her* Oh! Well, I’m not too sure about Bullseye… But Napoleon is a pure bread thoroughbred! One of the best, of course~!

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Whatever You Do, Do Not Look Down || Gwen and Frey


No loose wires on the balloon?! That’s what the event announcer had said, but was that even a thing that could happen? Frey’s breath hitched as the thought of falling down from the sky for at least the third time in her life came to her mind, her knuckles turning white as she gripped onto the edges of the basket she was forcefully ushered into.

She paused, her feet planted firmly onto the wickered floor, and tried to reason with herself. For the sake of herself and of Selphia, she had to learn the ways of other lands — however hazardous they may be. And besides, if worst comes to worst her friends would know where to find her…!

Or… maybe not. 

She forgot to tell anyone she’d be here.

Frey tried to leave the area to inform at least someone she’d be up in one of these death-rides. However, she found herself trapped — like a wild monster impounded against its will. She would’ve jumped out of the low walls of her cage, but in a matter of seconds the balloon started to rise and soon the ground looked like a giant, colorful sea of speckled dots.

She let out a panicked yelp and turned around stiffly, focusing her wide eyes on the floor. For the first time, she noticed her partner — or rather her partner’s feet — and her face drained of whatever color it had left (which was not much) as she realized how much of a fool she must have looked.

"I-I’m sorry!" She exclaimed, her words broken up from her shaky gasps.

"Oh wow!"

Gwen leaned over the basket and watched as the ground grew further and further away. She looked at her surroundings feeling warm from the experience. Was this how it was to fly? She had always experienced it on the back of a horse. Flying in a balloon and riding a horse were not the same. She didn’t know how to explain it.

It was just… fantastic.

The panicked yelp reached her ears and she quickly turned to her partner. She had completely ignored her until now. Why? Cause she was so focused on how flying felt. She wasn’t embarrassed… but she felt bad. Clearly her partner was nervous. What was her name? Frey, or something? Yes, she surely had a guilty conscious.

"Don’t be. You afraid of heights?"